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Being an evidenced daydreamer, my favourite pastime used to be bird watching when I was of a mere age of 8. Sparrows were amongst the ones that I absolutely adored. From keeping water and barley on the rooftop to building a bird house out of dry grass, I tried my best to make them as comfortable as that could be at my house. These little fluffy chirping birds used to light the day out me after a strenuous session at school. There were times I used to wake up early just to watch the birds going all frenzy at out nursery on the roof.

Years went and I became more interested in bicycles and video games. Leisure time meant orkut/yahoo messenger right after school and video games. I completely forgot about my once favourite hobby of daydreaming while listening to my favourite birds. We shifted to multiples houses thereafter and somehow priorities changed for me. Any time spent away from the computer felt wasted. Until one day I came to a sudden realisation – “Where have all the sparrows gone?” The answer was simple enough – maybe they don’t come to this area as often as they used to in my previous house. I checked with my colleagues as well. They seemed to be as astonished as I was. “I never noticed until you said it”, said one. and hence is the research of where are my sparrows after all?

While the biggest reason has to be increasing air pollution, felling of trees, loss of habitat, and cell phone towers radiation can also be not ignored completely. Sparrows are small house birds that tend to stay low in the atmosphere while they search for food and water. But this doesn’t disregard the fact that a little carbon pollution can also feel suffocating. The ever rising Global Warming can’t be taken so as ever lightly.

Now comes the hard part. How I had hoped to believe that somehow these lil fluffs are enjoying there vacations in a colder, much habitable climate, I read through an article how sparrows are not migratory birds. They don’t travel and so often build their nests just closer to the feeding areas. This meant only one thing, They are dead. Reason. Us!  It’s because of me and all the human species that didn’t think this through. No matter how much we believe that there’s still time to give back what we took, there isn’t any. Here I’m feeling all sad that I neglected these creatures for stuff that wasn’t even important. It’s all a reverie now…All in reverie.


so today i was walking home after watching a movie. i was close to home when i saw a little indian pup playing with a coconut shell at somebody’s door. it didn’t take a sec to put a smile on my face. i just stopped to watch it play with the shell. 10 seconds gone when it finally looked at was puzzled maybe as of why i was watching it so keenly. i thought it was alarmed thata i’ll take away its shell.

so bent a little and the next i found was it licking my feet and my legs. i was like “what did i do? why are you showering me with this love?” i sat there at the corner of the road for like 3 minutes.people giving me stares like why m i behaving like a 5 yr old girl and playing with a desi  pup. i dont give a damn..this is wat makes me happy..until i decided that i should probably go on as it was getting late.

i had fun with this pup but i think it didnt want me to came after me. for a long distance. why was he so attached to me?

i just gave a little bit of glare ..just some attention.

dogs are creatures that are far beyond the whole of human race in showering love.

they are so selfless,generous and big hearted.

it makes me cry when people throw rocks at them to “shoo” them away . so INHUMAN! damn those people. probably they know nothing about love.

i’ll quote the best lines i have ever read that are so true

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.”
John Grogan, Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog

thank you for reading. please shower your love(with water ,food and little attention) to the dogs near you.(stray dogs)the love you will get back can be compared to nothing in this whole wide world.